Rosary “Veles” (large)


Slavic pagan rosary handmade from linden.

40 grains with separator beads every 10 beads connected into a ring by a large bead-face with a manifestation of the Sort (Svarog, Perun, Veles).

Length – 40 cm.

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Prayer beads(from other Russian words “count, read, read”) – a cord or tape, most often closed in a ring, on which nods are tied, beads (grains) are strung, plates or other homogeneous elements.

In many religions, they are used to count prayers that have been read, to maintain attention and concentration, to set the rhythm, etc.

Slavic pagan prayer beads consist of 40 beads, according to the number of main Holydays in a year. Forty is a sacred number in the Slavic Vedic tradition.

The oldest known beads were created in the II millennium BC in India.

It is wrong to assume that the rosary appeared with us only with the advent of Christianity. If this were so, then we would not say “beads”, but “combolas” or “comboskini” – that is how this device is called in Greek. But we say precisely “beads”, and this word is Russian, it comes from the old Russian “chtѫ” – “count, read, read”.

Why do you need a rosary?

-for the countdown of ritual actions (conspiracies, praises to the Gods). Every ten beads are followed by “separator” beads.

– wearing as a talisman and reciting charms of conspiracy.

– a reminder. The rosary itself serves as a reminder of worship or other ritual activities.

– rhythm task. Ritual actions performed with the use of rosaries require the observance of a certain rhythm, which is set and supported by sorting out the rosary.

– maintaining concentration. Sorting out the beads allows the practitioner to maintain attention, fight loss of concentration and sleep.

-symbolism. The design and shape of the beads, the number of elements, material, color, method of wearing and use are endowed in various teachings with different symbolic meanings. Most often, beads are associated with cyclicality and infinity, with a connection with the Ancestors and continuity

-distinctive sign. By the appearance of the rosary, one can draw conclusions about the affiliation of their owner to one or another branch of the doctrine, the degree of its preparation.

The rosary is a great tool for working with your thoughts. With proper handling of them, you can learn to concentrate your energy and direct it in the right direction.