The book "Pagan pendants Ancient Russia X-XIV centuries"

The book
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The monograph of the historian, the archaeologist V. E. Kite is devoted to the study of the most interesting categories of early medieval metal – zoomorphic priusquam found on the territory of Ancient Rus in the X–XIV centuries.

The second part of the release contains detailed illustrated catalogue collected by the author appendage this category. The contents and illustrative material of the book reflect a qualitatively new stage in the study of the formation of the old Russian metal and are of interest to specialists in the field of history of culture, old Russian decorative and applied art, archaeology, and Museum workers, local historians, craftsmen, historical re-enactments and jewelry.The quality of the presentation and content of the book at the level of the editions that came before, there are chapters on anthropomorphic priusquam, including pendants-riders, and pendants.

Traditionally given related analogies from other regions.

200 PP., color illustrations. Softcover. A4.

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