About Company

“Beloyar-Pagan Company” is a Russian clothing brand, founded in Russia in 2012. The brand received the Slavic Name “Beloyar” (Yar-force, power . "Belo"- white, light, sacred), this is a male name widely used in Slavic lands in pre-Christian times. The main element of the logo of the brand is a modified symbol of Veles - the Prophetic God and the Patron of crafts, wisdom and knowledge.

Unique designs will tell about distant times and ancient peoples, about the fearless Heroes and wise ancestors, about the harsh rulers and the Pagan gods. Slavic Pagan Tradition is the main concept of the brand.

For a fairly short period of time, "Beloyar" clothing has become widely known in Russia and abroad. Currently, the brand is actively developing, constantly working on the range and quality of products, pays great attention to historical festivals, sports areas and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. "Beloyar Pagan Company" actively sponsors, organizes various events dedicated to Slavic pre-Christian history, and also supports various strength sports tournaments.